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My Contract

With the Oklahoma 5th District and America

By Buddy Ray, A Christ Focused Campaign.

I. The Silicon Valley of Aerospace/Aeronautics and Oil and Gas, Including LNG-Liquified (Compressed) Natural Gas. Helping America Achieve the $100 Trillion Debt Free Economy by 2030.

II. The $1 Trillion Debt Free Oklahoma Economy by 2030. (That means the Oklahoma City, 5th District region would need to grow by about 6 times from $60 Billion to about $360 Billion. That would have been possible if America had stayed on the Reagan growth pattern. We will have to adjust the date from time to time, but still set the goal for $1 Trillion, at the latest by 2040.)

III. Most of my Congressional Salary will go for Christian education and personal needs of poor and minority Children. IV. The retroactive revocation of Congressional Retirement from its inception. Placing Congress under Social Security and Obama Care By Extreme Public Pressure.

V. Tight Secure Closing of the Mexican Border.

VI. Annihilation of the Mexican Mafia and South American Drug Cartels With “Offers They Can Not Refuse!”

VII. Complete Reformation of the IRS 501c3 Non-profit Tax Free Privileges Abused by Mosques and Churches.

VIII. Two Term Limitation. More to come…..Platform Under Construction….

Buddy Ray Harbinger Political & Economic Predictions: Republican Take Over of Congress 1994-The Contract With America. The Crash of Halliburton & Oil Industry-1986. Imminent Terror July 2001. The Recent Economic Crashes and Terror. “If Elected, Obama Will Take This Nation to Hell!” That Was In 2007. Now: Isaiah 17 In The Middle East & Beyond.